Although people would assume that remote work would require less communication, quite the opposite is true. This is especially apparent for remote customer service representatives, sales representatives, and project managers. Depending on the job title, you will either be hired based on your experience or you will receive on-the-job training after you’re brought on.

  • Bilingual or multilingual translators translate information from one language to another.
  • This remote jobs website has been building its clout as a reliable source for both employers and job seekers, and some of the bigger companies in the tech sector have taken notice.
  • The successful candidate for this remote position will have at least five years of experience as a project manager and top-notch communication skills.

In addition, FW offers writing contests and resources to help improve your freelance writing, helping you strive to create better content, and scale your efforts to make money blogging. With a delightfully simple design, 100 Telecommute Jobs is like the underdog of the remote jobs board world today. If you’re good at managing professional relationships, you could put your skills to use in this field. Client services managers serve as liaisons between a company and its clients, ensuring that communication is clear and projects meet expectations. Writers produce articles, books, reports, and many other texts covering a multitude of subject areas. While some writing jobs may require a degree, such as technical writing, you can become a writer without any formal education—all you truly need is talent and training.

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Customer service representatives interact with customers to provide information and support in response to inquiries about products or services and to handle and resolve complaints. Data Entry
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Data entry professionals enter data into a computer system or into some type of secure file system and may perform other types of clerical activities. Data entry workers generally must be able to read and have a fast typing speed.

  • “You will never work alone” is a message that prevails in Remotive’s blog and community board where its members, called Remotivers, support each other as a community and share remote jobs and productivity hacks.
  • WFH is a popular trend today for most job seekers and employees following the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Fun jobs that pay well without a degree are those that allow you to do interesting and exciting things while working.
  • They now have thousands of happy testimonials from those who’ve either hired or been hired through Dynamite Jobs.
  • Don’t expect to walk into a school and start teaching a class without a dedicated qualification, but there are plenty of online teaching jobs available.

If you have an eye for detail and are good with math, you might do well in this position. Accounting clerks examine bank statements, invoices, accounts payable remote jobs that pay well without a degree documents and other reports to ensure that all of the numbers add up correctly. Additionally, this website may earn affiliate fees from advertising and links.


Over 100+ quality remote jobs are added each week to the platform—and searching for the one you want is customizable with the site’s variety of filters and functionality. Remote job candidates can sign up for their free Job Placement Program to receive alerts about the newest jobs in their industry and be connected directly with hiring companies. Even remote companies gain a lot from this platform; they can post their first job on the site for free and the Dynamite Jobs team follows up with every single listing to make sure the hiring process is going well.

There are several key features about that set them apart from others in the remote jobs for developers space. Prior to registration, all the developers should pass a four-step verification process (resume check, soft skills evaluation, English language proficiency test, and coding session). Secondly, the sales, recruiting, and matching departments offer a complete service package to both clients and developers. Clients get the first candidates in 2-3 working days, with transparent payouts and refund options, while developers can expect a resume preparation and job interview assistance.

Inside Sales/Account Executive

Customer service representatives are the frontline heroes who assist customers with any questions, concerns and problems they have regarding a product. With everything going online, businesses need people to man their phone, chat or email. All you need are strong writing skills and a portfolio of writing samples to showcase your talent. If you’re posting your work online, knowing basic search engine optimisation (SEO) practices is valuable. Medical coders translate patient records, such as diagnoses, lab reports, and physician’s notes, into standardized medical codes used for medical billing and recordkeeping.

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